Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

To promote national integration and brotherhood among fellow citizens. Most probably No as you are fortunate enough to get a 3-time meal and also can not able to take a good cloths ans a good place for getting education easily without any suffering and trouble. But the sad reality is that even in today’s world of such a wide range of food products, a mind-boggling number of people are still facing the hunger crisis. They are suffering from a bid problems in there is a good and trusted platform to support Them. One who has no one has his God and if something good is done for the child of God, then God will be happy and everyone will be happy if this happens.

We believe that corporate partnerships are not only a way to help brands meet their CSR objectives, but also create sustainable impact for India’s children.

Employee Engagement:-

Payroll Giving :- Federal’s payroll giving program offers an efficient way for your employees to feel connected to your organization’s social ethic. You can encourage your employees to contribute a certain amount from their monthly salary towards changing children’s lives – you can also choose to provide a matching grant to encourage them to give more.

Corporate Volunteering :- Volunteering is a great addition to your employee engagement program. Your employees can choose to volunteer at our projects by teaching, skill building, aiding documentation, technology training, fundraising etc. it is a very– small ways to contribute that make a big difference!so that we can change there life very easily by our steps.

Our volunteers are our everyday heroes :-

Volunteering at Federal Aid Foundation is a transformational learning experience that will enable you to make a difference where it’s needed the most. we believe that everyone can make a difference in their own unique way. This is why we have a variety of volunteering programs for you to choose from.

Corporate Social Responsibility:-

  • we works with a number of local projects across in some states in the areas of education, health, nutrition, safety and protection as well as participation. You can adopt one or more of our projects that fit your CSR needs in terms of geographical location and area of intervention. Federal Aid will be responsible for monitoring the program, providing programmatic direction and technical expertise to project staff and sending project impact reports periodically.
  • You can make a lump sum donation towards a specific cause that your company would like to support. From education, child labour and child marraige to malnutrition, healthcare and gender inequality.
  • When you integrate your marketing efforts with a cause, you not only help create social impact but also build incredible goodwill for your brand. 
  • You can come on board as one of the event sponsors to support the cause and get visibility for your brand or pledge a fixed amount to include a set number of your employees as participants.

You can enable Federal Aid to place physical/digital donation boxes at your office premises or retail outlets to help your employees/customers contribute to the cause. These will be co-branded and thus reflect your association with the cause for children’s rights.

Why Volunteer With Federal Aid foundation :-

Volunteering is such a simple, yet rewarding, way to support a cause you care about. While there are a million reasons why you should volunteer with Federal , here are our top 3 ones.

We are creating an ecosystem of donors and beneficiaries to support initiatives which are impactful in the area of  Education.

our work, whether on the field or behind the scenes, will help us make India a better place for our children.

Your volunteering experience will help you develop invaluable professional skills and build your leadership capabilities.